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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm a Weak A** Runner

Long time, no post.
Here's the run-down of life since Twin Cities Marathon:
One week after the big day, Chris left for work trip to Seattle. While he was gone, Elise and I both experienced the joys of the stomach flu. After Chris came home, he got to experience it too. We're such a happy family. We love to share.
One week after Chris' return from Seattle, we took a family trip to Arizona. During the last few miles of the marathon, my left knee began giving me a little trouble. Nothing major, it was mainly an annoyance. During our trip, the knee pain kind of came to a head. Sitting still on a plane for three hours did not agree with it. I had a good deal of soreness, stiffness, and CRAZY popping. Totally bearable, but quite annoying. Oh yeah, and while we were in Arizona, Jerod came down with stomach flu. We would not have wanted to leave him out.
We were scheduled to run the Monster Dash half marathon six days after our return from AZ. I decided I'd better see someone about the knee and make sure I wasn't going to do any long-term damage. Diagnosis was that I have a weak ass. Seriously. Weak quads and glutes ticked off the iliotibial (IT) band (tissue thickening from hip to knee), which in turn ticked off the knee. All in all, a favorable diagnosis. I'm currently doing some exercises to fix my weak ass and taking it easy on the running.
I did, however, run the Monster Dash. What a total and complete CLUSTER! Great day, great course, but ATROCIOUS logistical planning on the part of Team Ortho! Ten porta-potties for 4000 runners... you do the math. The shuttle system for returning runners who'd finished back to their cars at the start had similar mathematical challenges. I could go on with my complaints, but I'm not wasting any more time on them.
When I signed up for the race, I was in prime shape and fully intended to PR. Stomach flu, colds, travel, single parenting, and my pesky IT band all had other intentions for me, though. I did have a good race and felt awesome for 10 miles, then the knee cried foul. The last three miles were painful and slow. Overall, though, I had a good race. I finished in 1:55:48. Slightly slower than my Urban Wildland time, which was disappointing, but at least the knee provided me with a good excuse!
I am now officially in my 'off-season,' and as I type this I am enjoying a lovely, leisurely Saturday morning at home with the family and looking forward to an 11am run with my marathon buddy, Tiffany. I historically really dread the end of summer, but this year I am content with the change of seasons. I am grateful for all of the wonderful running memories provided this year. Ragnar relay and the entire marathon training/running process were both incredible experiences. I look forward to some shorter runs, and SKIING!!

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