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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bolder Options Update/ Running Minutiae

No, I haven't quit mentoring.  I'm just a crappy blogger.  
We did run (run/walk) our first 5k the first weekend in December.  It wasn't too cold, thankfully, and we had a pretty good time.  Other December activities:
The Bolder Options holiday party-- good times
Another swim

I haven't seen my mentee since before Christmas due to holiday craziness, but on Thursday we're headed to a photography exhibit, 'Of Sadness and Hope:  Images from the Northside Tornado.'  This is definitely a perk of volunteering... I'd never take the time to go check this out, even though I really want to see it.  Mentoring gives me a great excuse to take the time.  

Overall, so far, this has been a great experience.  It can be a bit of a struggle to find the time some weeks (this issue is further complicated by my better half's lack of wheels).  But, so far, a great experience.  

In non-mentoring related news, I am signed up for marathon #4.  Craziness!  Since I've been through this a few times and had a little success (in my own mind, anyway), I'm trying something new this time.  I paid for a training plan made by Luke Humphrey.  I received said plan yesterday, along with an email containing the following statement:

As far as your schedule goes, I think your biggest thing will be getting mileage and maximizing your aerobic fitness first. I really think you can run 3:45 from just that. 

I don't know about any 3:45.  He's a pretty smart guy, though, and seems to really know what he's talking about... so we'll see.  The plan itself is going to be an interesting ride.  It starts gently, with a lot of miles at 'easy' pace, then after a few weeks he's thrown in some tempo runs that are going to be pretty intense for someone as completely genetically un-predisposed for running as myself!

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