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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Enough to Know Better

I think Grandma's Marathon is something like six weeks away.  As mentioned in a previous post, I actually paid for a training plan this time, and it's been a whole new beast.  I'm running a lot (50 miles last week and ultimately this week, with a weekly mileage peak of 58 in the next couple of weeks).  

Generally speaking, I've liked the plan.  I like running, so I don't mind logging the miles, and most of them are prescribed to be at 8:15-10:00 pace, which tends to feel delicious.  This last little bump in mileage, however, is creating fuel issues.  I ran six miles yesterday, and the poor friend running with me had to hear me bellyache for the last three about how hungry I was.  Well, it's a good thing I ran alone today, because a running buddy would've gotten quite the earful.  I was straight up outta gas and it suuuuuucked!!!  I walked out the door to hit the trail right after the kids got on the bus, and it started raining buckets, so I came inside.  Upon checking the forecast, it seemed that all I needed to do was wait it out and the rain would subside.  It did, which was good, but I ended up hitting the road for my 10 mile tempo run about 10:45.  I knew I was going to run through my normal lunch time, but I ate a banana and thought I'd be good to go.  Had I been able to start running when I planned, I think this run would've been a different experience.  

By mile five, I gave up on the effort being a tempo run and decided to just get the miles covered.  In addition to my lack of fuel, the downpour that preceded my run created quite the sauna effect.  I was completely wrecked by the time I finished.  Hungry, sweaty, cranky.  After a couple of hours (which included a nap) to process it, I'm feeling better.  There's comfort in knowing where I went wrong.  Now if I can just remember it for next time.  If running after about 10:30am, EAT A SIGNIFICANT SNACK before taking off.  We'll see if I've learned my lesson.

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