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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Evolution, Baby

Well... Grandma's Marathon is 10 days away and...
I've got something going on in my lower left leg.  Something bad, I fear.  In some ways, the pain is not like that of the stress fracture I probably had years ago.  In some ways, though, it's also not unlike it.  It is in a different location, more on the outside of the leg than inside; but it hurts pretty much every time my foot strikes the ground while running.  No bueno.  
I'm going to see the fabulous Dr. Boren tomorrow and get her take on the situation, but I'm mentally preparing myself for the fact that I will not be running a marathon in 10 days.  It hurts too dang much right now, and I feel like it would take a small miracle for it to turn around in such a short time.  
All that being said, I had a situation like this last year, and it resolved quite quickly.  So, there could be hope.  Optimism has never been my thing, though.
Despite the fact that I have trained like a beast for this race, I am, strangely, at peace with this situation.  I knew there was some risk with undertaking such a high mileage plan.  I also knew that it was the only way I was likely to shave off any time.  Was it a good choice to train the way I did?  Maybe not.  Do I have any regrets?  Absolutely not, which is why I've included evolution in the title of this post.  A year ago this situation would've given me an anxiety attack.  Having a few marathons behind me, though, seems to lessen the depression of potentially not running this one.  We shall see what tomorrow brings...

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