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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Blah Face

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This is my dailymile entry for today. The little face indicates how the workout went, or how you felt during the workout. Your choices are great (big smiley face), good (less big smiley face), alright (expressionless face), blah (see above), tired (tongue sticking out), or injured (expressionless face with a big bandage on it). I had to give today the blah face.

I cannot rightly remember the last time I used the blah face. I'm not sure that I've ever used it. Most days, I feel happy and blessed to have the ability, the time, and the desire to be active. Today, though... blah to the max. I did not want to get out of bed, I didn't sleep well the past two nights, my kitchen still has all the breakfast and lunch dishes strewn about, I need to get the house picked up for book club tomorrow evening, my hubby's out of town until late Saturday morning, and I sure as hell did not want to ride that damn bike today. BLAH!!!!

As a general rule, I LOVE this class. Of course, I'd always rather be running, but the instructor is great, and I always work much harder than I ever would on my own. So, to be annoyingly redundant, 'blah' is abnormal.

I am okay with feeling blah about today's workout. What's really throwing me, though, is that it's already seeping into Saturday's long run. I'm scheduled to run 13 with the run club, and I'm seriously trying to find an excuse not to go. I think all of the reasons listed above are contributing factors. I'm also slightly apprehensive about that fact that, although I'm running 'with' the group, I'm likely to be pretty much on my own for this one. Usual running/life partner Chris is OOT, and there currently aren't really any folks in the group who run at my long run pace of 9:00-9:30/minute miles. I'm slightly anxious about it.

Again, it's unusual. I've run upteen hundred miles by myself over the years, so I'm not sure why this is an issue. Over the past couple of years though, I haven't run too many longer runs solo (thanks to run club). Weirdness.

I WILL be running Saturday, because hard as I may try to find one, there is no reason not to. The babysitter is booked. It's a done deal. I just wish I felt differently about it. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it will come with a new attitude.

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