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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week One--Training for Minneapolis Half Marathon

Easy Run
Dist: 2 mi
/ XT
Tempo Run
Dist: 5 mi, inc
Warm; 3 mi @ 8:54; Cool
/ XT
/ XT
Long Run
Dist: 6 mi

This is what the 'smartcoach' at Runners World prescribed for me this week. The following is what I actually did.

Monday: I had a session with the fabulous Tiffany. Weights, etc. I gave up doing any cardio to let Elise sleep in. I did run both Saturday and Sunday, so it seemed reasonable to ditch.

Tuesday: Yoga with the fabulous Lisa.

Wednesday: Five miles, just as I was told. Felt good, though my heart rate was pretty high. Running too fast, dehydration, tired muscles? Who knows. Doesn't matter... I got it done and felt good.

Thursday: Hour long cycle class, 'all-out effort' with lots of sweat. Is there anything more therapeutic?

Friday: Two laps around Lake Harriet. I was shooting for 10min/mile pace and came in a little under (54:51 total... I ran right next to the water and didn't take the extra little jogs the trail sometimes leads you on... may have cut my 6 a wee bit short).

Today's a rest day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

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