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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Five in the Books

The Plan:

Easy Run
Dist: 2 mi
/ XT
Dist: 7 mi, inc
Warm; 3x1600 in 8:19
w/800 jogs; Cool
/ XT
/ XT
Long Run
Dist: 8 mi
/ XT
17 miles

The Actual:
Monday: 30 minutes of zone 2 swimming
Tuesday: 60 minutes of yoga with Lisa
Wednesday: above described speedwork
Thursday: 60 minutes of sweaty cycling
Friday: 8 mile run
Saturday & Sunday: rest

I'm now having some pain in my right shin (opposite leg of last year's stress fracture). I am beyond annoyed. However, it seems very different from what I experienced last spring. This particular ache is there when I start running, and seems to diminish as I get warmed up (as opposed to the stress fracture, which started as a little annoyance, and quickly went to excruciating as I got going).

We had another great day for Friday's long run. Once rainy, yucky Saturday came along, I was very happy we'd gotten the eight done on Friday.

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