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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week Two-- Not My Strongest Work

The plan:
Easy Run
Dist: 2 mi
/ XT
Dist: 5 mi, inc
Warm; 2x1600 in 8:24
w/800 jogs; Cool
/ XT
/ XT
Long Run
Dist: 6 mi
/ XT
13 miles

The actual:
Monday- 30 minutes of swimming
Tuesday-nada (that's nothing, folks)
Wednesday-I did the speedwork described above.
Thursday- Seven miles- left from home and ran toward Lake Harriet, then turned around and came back. Distance is approximate, but I ran for 70 minutes.
Friday- nada
Saturday- nada
Sunday- nada

Three days of nothing is completely unacceptable. I cannot tell you the last time I went three days in a row without a workout. I've got plenty of excuses: my kid had strep throat, Friday was Good Friday (so both kids were home from school), Saturday I felt like I needed to pick up the house (after 7+ days of company the place was lookin' a little rough), Sunday... is Easter a good excuse? Certainly not. I'm pretty much completely disgusted with myself right now.

The other thing I'm not mentioning here is that it's been an emotionally grueling week. We had to bid farewell to someone we love who we will not see for a long long time, and it just completely and totally sucked. Stupid, yucky, stinky, sucky sadness.

So... that's that. I can assure you next week will go differently.

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