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Friday, August 27, 2010

Holy Crap

I have reached a new phase of this journey. I call it the 'Holy Crap, What Have I Done??!!" phase. I'm dealing with a lot of fear and doubt today. We're scheduled to run 17 miles tomorrow, and I'm totally worked up about it. As best I can tell, the real cause of my alarm is that when we ran 16 miles two weeks ago, it was horrible. I do not care for horrible, I do not care for fear, I do not care for doubt.

My goal for today is to find some calm. If I maintain my current state of mind, I'm going to be in big trouble tomorrow.

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  1. Anne, you can do this run, no doubt. I hope you find that calm tonight and pre-run tomorrow. Just try to think of it as three legs, each a little under 6 miles, sort of like your Ragnar runs last weekend, but don't put pressure on yourself for a specific pace. I try to look at my long runs as a journey and enjoy the sights and sounds and smells along the way. You CAN do this... Jeni