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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank Gawwwd

Seventeen miles... in the books.
My husband informed me last night that I had pre-run nervous quietness, and he was right. I wasn't as worked up as I could have been (thankfully!), but I was definitely a bit on the edgy side. Thankfully I was able to fall asleep quickly. I had the alarm set for 5am (sitter was coming at 6:00 and we were aiming to be at Nokomis by 6:30). When I woke up, the clock said 6:15. Yikes!! Turned out it was just on the wrong display... it was actually a few minutes before 5.
I felt really good for a long time. Chris and I set off with PJ and Chris R, which was a little worrisome because they're zippy. We hung with them for awhile, enjoyed some good Ragnar flashbacks and laughs, then sent them on their merry way. Splits were as follows:

I felt really good until about mile 14. Even then, I wasn't feeling particularly bad. I was just really ready to be done. This is a drastic improvement from the Madeline Island 16 miler, where I was wishing for death by about mile eight. At miles 5 and 10 I downed a Gu. Hate that stuff going down, but I do feel it makes a pretty big difference in how I feel. Just after mile 14 I had some Gu chomps.
I lost Chris a little before mile 16. I suppose a good wife would've walked with him, but at that point I couldn't stand the thought of the run taking any longer... I wanted to run and be done. Thankfully we have a mutual understanding about such occasions (at least I think we do).
All in all, a good day. Now if I could just find some food that would actually fill me up. I've been starving all day (despite constant food input)! Eighteen on schedule for next week. Lord help me!

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