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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

101 Reasons...

This was posted by one of my dailymile friends. I love it!

101 reasons to run a marathon, pick yours, or add yours.
• Fire yourself up with excitement and anticipation
• Let go of negative emotions
• It’s a great topic to share
• Soar high with runner’s high
• Don’t you love toned legs?
• Eliminate “I can’t” from your dictionary
• Boost your self-confidence
• Dare to dream big…
• Lose your weight and gain your life
• Enjoy looking at the mirror
• ”Waaw” the crowd
• Rationality and marathoning don’t rhyme!
• The older, the better…
• The joy of true accomplishment
• Inspirational experience
• Meet fellow “marathoners”
• Longer happier life
• Rediscover yourself
• The most guilt-free dinner all time: the after-marathon dinner
• Stamina…
• Explore a new city!
• Make history
• Get your “finisher” medal.
• Be the pride and joy of your family
• Get the marathoner “chin”
• Kick off your adventure
• A replica of life
• Tears of joy
• The Queen of England passion for marathons (true story) .
• Puff Daddy, Oprah and George Bush did it!
• Think of all the French toast and cheesecake you can devour…
• Crossing the finish line
• Getting a well-deserved sway bag
• Finally, all that hard work pays off
• Become a star
• The beer truck at the finish line
• Make a meaningful contribution: donate to your favorite charity
• Rejuvenate your soul
• Because it’s quicker than walking?
• Amaze others
• Enjoy running in the middle of the streets
• Run your Personal Record
• You can scratch it off of your bucket list
• Looks great on your resumé!
• Oprah did it!
• What does not kill you makes you stronger
• You’ll be in the best shape of your life
• A great preparation for an ultra-marathon
• You’ll have something to brag about
• Show the world that marathoning is non-fiction!
• Use it to quit smoking
• Playing the song “Chariots of Fire” while you run your last mile/
• Have a laugh and cross the finish line running backwards!
• Do it for the men/ladies
• Meet new and interesting people
• Finally put a decent distance in your running log
• Because it’s a really good excuse to buy new clothes
• Why should the Kenyans have all the fun?
• Because toenails are for sissies
• So for the rest of your life you can start whatever story you want
with “Well, when I ran my first Marathon…
• For the free drinks along the way
• To get that “26.2″ tattoo
• To be a small part of a big legend
• Because 20 years from now, you’ll be shocked you were ever in such
good shape
• It’s better than a poke in the eye!
• There is only one person you’re truly accountable to: yourself
• It puts things in perspective
• To save yourself from the growing obesity epidemic
• Experience the emotion of giving your all to yourself
• Conquer your laziness
• A great way to kill time
• Ask the right questions
• Jump in!
• Bond with your friends
• You will be happy you did!
• A care-free experience
• A good reason to throw a party!
• A wonderful icebreaker!
• A good reason to escape a nagging spouse!
• Become invincible
• Break some conventional rules (1)!
• Break some conventional rules (2)!
• Boost your “WaaWooMeter”
• Compete with Tom Cruise!
• There can be miracles when you believe…
• Would you prefer to sky dive instead?!

Just for the record, my 26.2 will NOT be preparation for an ultra...

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