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Sunday, September 12, 2010

El Veinte!

Literally translated, that would be the twenty! I'm happy to say that I'm writing this post in a completely different state of mind than I had a week ago at this time. For our final long training run, we ran the Bear Water Run yesterday. I cannot possibly convey how great it was to have the final 20 be in the form of a well supported race. 20 miles seems way less daunting when you've got a water stop every two miles!
I am by no means saying this distance was easy. It was not! But, for whatever reason, I was a different woman than I was a week ago. I was stronger, both physically and mentally, which felt really good. As always seems to be the case, the last two miles were pretty tough. But, overall, it was one of those days where the mile markers seemed to come more quickly than I thought they would. When I saw the sign at mile 19, I said to Tiff, "Is that really there?". It seemed unreal that we were only a mile away. Oh, how I love the days when it all comes together... 'tis why I run!
So, I'm writing today with a full heart. It feels good to feel so good. Come on October 3rd... I am ready for you!

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  1. Awesome 20-miler! It's amazing how running 20 miles can make you feel like a different person! Good luck Oct. 3rd! :)