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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hay is in the Barn

Despite having only missed living on a farm by one generation, I had never heard this phrase before a few months ago. That is, other than hearing it in JT's (that's James Taylor, not some 'N Sync Mickey Mouse clubber) song 'The Walking Man.' I first read it in Running Times magazine last spring. I don't remember the exact details, and I'm not going to track down the article, but it was an older woman (who was, by the way, a complete phenom in her age group) saying it in reference to her race day routine. As in, the hay is in the barn, trust your training, you've done all you can, relax and enjoy the moment. I read it again recently in Runners World in an article I desperately wish I could find. In my next life, when I'm not an organizational nightmare, I will be able to quickly put my hands on such things.
At any rate, I love the idea. Perhaps it's my middle midwestern roots reminding me that I haven't always been a city-dwelling runner type. My hay is in the barn. I will do one more run with the YMCA group tomorrow evening, and maybe run a little bit with Jerod on Saturday when he takes part in the one mile race; but for all intents and purposes, my training is done.
I am edgy, nervous, excited, and a little bit cranky. But, I keep repeating to myself, "the hay is in the barn." I have done every last run on my training plan, I have all the logistics worked out for race day, my meal plan for the rest of the week is in place, and I am, at least in theory, READY. It's time to trust my training.

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